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You never know …

You never know …

You never know where your next order will come from

We’ve just had a lovely conversation with a lady in Edinburgh who’d been sitting in a waiting room and was taken by the lovely aroma from behind her!

She enquired what it was and someone was applying our Silky Hand Cream with Geranium and Orange, she didn’t even try it and bought both the pump (great for home and office) and a tube (perfect for handbags and on the go) that day.

We hope she’ll be equally delighted when she tries the cream, after all, it won 2 awards last year.

And we’re wondering who the discerning ‘someone’ is!

You never know where you’ll appear next

Two years ago we had great fun at the Centennial WI fair in Harrogate and we’re going to Alexandra Palace for this year’s show on 29th-31st March.

Today we received a general brochure and invitation from the WI and to our surprise there’s a photo of Alison included (thankfully looking OK) – it makes one wonder where else pictures might unknowingly appear?!


Maddesinde bakanlıklara akademi kurma yetkisi veren medeczane24 bir değişiklik yapılması� önerisine ilişkin, tabip odası yönetim kurulu aşağıdaki değerlendirmeyi yapmıştır: � eğitim hastanelerinde verilen uzmanlık eğitimi bir tür yüksek öğretim olarak kabul edilmelidir. Örneğin, yaşam boyu depresyon yaygınlığı kadınlarda erkeklere oranla yaklaşık iki kat fazlayken. Parnia, ölümden dönen insanların o anda bir şeyler hissettiklerine dair anlatıların gerçek olduğunu, ancak bireylerin bunları nasıl yorumladıklarının geçmişlerine ve önceki inançlarına bağlı olduğunu belirtiyor

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  • February 10, 2017 at 2:39 pm Miranda Fagandini

    I can understand why your new customer was tempted by the Geranium and Orange, it is rather delicious !

  • February 10, 2017 at 10:04 pm Rute

    Your product is unique ☆☆big fan too

  • March 30, 2017 at 8:15 am Lynne Warry

    You were amazing at Alley Pally on 29th March. I asked if you had anything for burns as my friend had hot tea spilled over her tummy by a clumsy waiter in the cafe. You gave me a small pump cannister of cream that not only eased her pain but also make her feel better for the kind gesture. You didn’t charge me and I cannot thank you enough. From the ladies of Gwent Federation of WIs.

    • March 30, 2017 at 6:54 pm admin

      Lynne thank you so much for your lovely message, we’re delighted we could help and do hope your friend got over the shock and is feeling more comfortable.
      We love the Propolis Cream as it seems to solve a lot of issues – clever bees!


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