Do you accept returns?

Yes we can accept unopened items, for exchange or refund within 14 days of receipt. A few exceptions apply.

We don’t refund the cost of p&p or the cost of returning the item to us.

Please contact us before returning any item.

You can also bring it to us in person at an event or to the Studio.

Do you use recycled postal packaging?

Most of our postal packaging, including any bubble wrap, is reused from other companies, in keeping with ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ principles, so is better than recycled in environmental terms.

Are your skincare containers recyclable?

We can reuse glass jars if returned to us in person for sterilising and refilling. New lids and labels are then added.

The aluminium containers, tubes and the lids from glass jars are not reusable by us. If you don’t have a better use for them, please put into domestic recycling.

The labels, lid liners and tube lids are not recyclable.

How long do skincare products last?

Our skin creams should be opened within 3 months of purchase. The label has a ‘6 month open pot diagram’ and should be used within 6 months of opening (however it is likely to stay fresh for longer than that). As we use natural ingredients with minimal preservatives, the oils, particularly almond oil, begin to smell different after these times.

 Why do you add preservative?

Any product with water as an ingredient needs to have a preservative and is subject to more stringent testing prior to certification.

So all creams, unlike balms, need preservative.

The ones we use are the least intrusive, meeting cosmetic industry awards criteria for natural skincare.

Why do you only produce a small range of products?

Once we had developed our basic ingredients, we realised it only needed slight adaptation to meet most skincare needs.

Many of our products are multipurpose and we don’t see a need to add unnecessary ingredients to encourage our customers to buy more.

They are also developed to be economical, a little goes a long way.

eg our Gorgeous Body Cream can be used as a light facial moisturiser for summer use

eg our Soothing Calendula Cream can be used as an adult or baby cream, or as a cooling aftersun

eg our Lip Balm in a tin has minimal ingredients and can be used as a nail and cuticle conditioner

It is economical as, unlike mass-produced petrochemical lipbalms, will not encourage excessive licking of lips

eg our Propolis Hand Cream works well as an all purpose first aid cream for bites, stings, rashes and cuts

Are your products vegan?

No, honey and beeswax by their nature are not vegan, however we do follow traditional + ethical beekeeping practices for the welfare of our bees

Are your products organic?

No, we use British honey and beeswax: as bees have a foraging range of 3 miles from the hive, and there is no area of Britain with this size of organic pasture, British beeswax and honey can never be considered to be organic.

For this reason we advise customers to beware of producers who claim to produce ‘organic’ British honey!


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