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This page is under review, however here’s a brief outline. We will shortly list the main ingredients we have chosen to use and a brief explanation why they were selected – we won’t blind you with science either, in the meantime, if you have any questions please ask@beeinspiredcreams.buzz.

We use only high quality, natural ingredients that add the properties we’re looking for.

Our products are paraben, SLS and SLES free which means none of our ingredients are petrochemical derivatives.

We don’t add anything that’s not needed!

Of course we’re certified. We’re delighted that our creams, balms and handmade soaps comply with all legislation governing the manufacture of cosmetics in the UK and Europe.

Our recipes are independently lab tested and certified as safe for use.

Our labels use the appropriate latin INCI naming standards and we also include the English name so you can identify the ingredients, however this makes the list look longer than it is!

It is illegal to test products on animals in the UK and EU, it is against everything we believe anyway. We don’t state the obvious nor use logos stating such, not only are they confusing, but we think it’s unnecessary marketing.





1mg 女性用バイアグラの飲み方と服用時の注意点 アリルイソプロピルアセチル尿素. ある日、流石に可笑しいなと思って確認してみたら、定期券が1ヶ月前に切れていたんですよ.


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