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Mask + Gifts

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  • Travel Essentials – 3 perfect creams for a trip away


    Our favourite selection for a short break and those who like to keep their skincare pure and simple.

    A cornucopia of our products, beautifully presented in a hand made fine cotton print containing one each of the following;

    Silky Hand Cream

    Fab Face Cream

    Soft Foot Intensive Cream

    We’re always happy to change a fragrance in this selection , just ask!

    Bon vacances!

    3 x 35ml tubes in a handy tied fine cotton bag


  • Re-usable Cotton Face mask


    Washable face mask or covering

    Now that lockdown has been lifted and it is mandatory to wear coverings in shops and public transport we are making masks with the fabrics we use for the BeeswaxWraps

    We’ve been designing and trialling various options and we feel this is the most comfortable to wear as well as looking good

    2 cotton layers with filter pocket: outer layer in various quilting weight, inner layer extra fine Tana Lawn which is soft to the skin

    Close fitting for your face

    Wire inserted to shape to the bridge of your nose

    Adjustable stretch cotton ear straps


    Various fabric designs


    Large – finished mask dimension nose to under chin 21cm

    Medium – finished mask dimension nose to under chin 19cm

    Small – finished mask dimension nose to under chin 16cm

    When we wear ours we will be inserting an additional filter layer sprayed with our Propolis Tincture https://beeinspiredcreams.buzz/product/propolis-tincture/

    Do look at our Instagram page for images of fabric choices https://www.instagram.com/beeinspired_natural_skincare/

    See below for WHO advice on care for and wearing re-usable masks


  • beeswaxwraps – the thoughtful alternative to clingfilm


    Re-usable handmade beeswax food wraps. These wraps are all the buzz for wrapping food as they keep food fresh + moist with no need for clingfilm, plastic bags or boxes nor aluminium foil

    Following the suggestion of a local crafter who’d just returned from the Antipodes we just had to introduce these to our ‘hive products’ range.

    Designed to wrap sandwiches, cover any food or leftovers, with the exception of raw meat or fish. Either wrap the food or cover containers with these flexible cloths. Use the warmth of your hands to seal the wrap. Beeswax does not absorb smells nor bacteria which is why these are so perfect!

    They are reuseable, just wash in cool or cold water with a little mild detergent and air dry

    When your wrap looks worn out simply place on a piece of baking parchment in a cool oven (110 0c) for a few minutes to refresh. Use and re-use – save the planet 1 wrap at a time!

    Using the beeswax from Keith’s bees in the Surbiton area, his sister Alison is making them for us as well as us at ‘head hive’! Whilst we were planning the making of these Alison and her family had come to the conclusion, as so many of us have, that we must reduce our consumption and thoughtless use of plastic. Robin’s mother used wax cloth in the kitchen, but I didn’t find it until clearing her kitchen after she passed away and couldn’t work out what it was, that was over 35 years ago and now we know!

    Made from 100% cotton and pure local beeswax – nothing else


    3 pack contains 3 wraps, Bee Haven fabric design £14.50

    30 x 30cm – great for sandwiches, cold meats etc

    25 x 25cm – covering bowls, wrapping cheeses etc

    20 x 20cm – wrapping individual fruit, onions, vegetables and small bowls!

    2 pack contains 2 large same size wraps, Bee Haven fabric design £14.50

    30 x 30cm – great for sandwiches, cold meats etc

    single pack contains 1 extra large bread wrap £14.50

    50 x 50cm – great for bread, picnic foods and large bowls

    nb we will refund excess postage based on weight of order (up to 3 packs will receive £2.00 refund)

  • 2063

    Beeswax dinner candle pair dipped


    Hand dipped in a workshop in Alison’s home county of Cumbria with English beeswax. This is a traditional method of dipping a length of taut wick into molten wax, removing it, allowing the wax to cool and repeating multiple times to build up thin layers of wax and eventually creating these superb candles.

    On opening these candles smell beautifully of honey.

    Beeswax is the ‘King’ of all waxes, it burns slowly with a perfect flame and beeswax are the only candles which apparently don’t pollute the atmosphere. In fact, they produce a negative ion when they burn thus making dust and pollen drop form the air. Are these the perfect candles to burn for hay fever sufferers? We think so!

    We’ve photographed the candles showing the wax ‘polished’ and shiny, and matt and milky with ‘bloom’. Bloom is a natural process of beeswax, ageing and environment creates a milky and matt finish on the wax – the bloom – preferred by Americans apparently. If your candles develop a bloom and you prefer them looking shiny, then all that’s needed is to rub gently with a fine cloth and voila!

    230 mm x  c 22 mm diameter or in old money 9″ tall x 7/8″ diameter

    burn time c 8 hours

  • 2062

    Fascinating Facts Tea Towel – two coloured – back in stock!


    We just had to share some fascinating facts with everyone about our clever bees.

    Robin is the artist and drew our bee as well as the ‘skep’ a traditional beehive made from straw and we designed the text to follow a flying bee.  Facts such as ‘a queen bee can lay up to 1500 eggs a day’ need sharing.

    This is the second incarnation, a development of our first range and these are hand screen printed, on unbleached cotton, in Norfolk by Witts Design, our neighbour at a number of markets – we love to collaborate! https://www.wittsdesign.com/

    Presented tightly folded with a corrugated card and label around this is a great present for anyone interested in bees.

    We did sell one to someone who was going to embroider and paint the towel to use in the classroom – what a great idea!


  • 1973

    Gift Wrapping


    GIFT WRAPPING    Having spent holidays in Europe, and of course shopping too, we love it when sales assistants ask if the item is a present and then wrap with special paper and ribbon.

    One year in Denmark we must have spent 20 minutes watching our gifts being beautifully wrapped, and were reminded of Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually spending an age overly wrapping the present – such a funny scene!

    We struggle with gift boxes, often in another box with enormous printed ribbons which really have no use but are too good to throw into the recycling bin.

    We’ve not compromised but been creative and to date our gift wrapping has proven very popular.

    Your choice for gift presentation is a bag made with a soft cotton print fabric, tied with a ribbon and a gift tag (we can even custom print these for you as we recently did for a dinner at the House of Commons).

    We hope the recipient will either use the bag for wrapping a special piece of jewellery, re-use for another present or even use in handbags/tool box/briefcases for keeping something special!

    The choice of fabric will vary, and we’ll match colour to the product choice, however if you have a colour preference please let us know when ordering!


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