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Fascinating Facts Tea Towel

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    Fascinating Facts Tea Towel – two coloured – temporarily out of stock – early 2022 hopefully!


    We just had to share some fascinating facts with everyone about our clever bees.

    Robin is the artist and drew our bee as well as the ‘skep’ a traditional beehive made from straw and we designed the text to follow a flying bee.  Facts such as ‘a queen bee can lay up to 1500 eggs a day’ need sharing.

    This is the second incarnation, a development of our first range and these are hand screen printed, on unbleached cotton, in Norfolk by Witts Design, our neighbour at a number of markets – we love to collaborate! https://www.wittsdesign.com/

    Presented tightly folded with a corrugated card and label around this is a great present for anyone interested in bees.

    We did sell one to someone who was going to embroider and paint the towel to use in the classroom – what a great idea!



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