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    Bees’ Bounty Christmas Gift Box – Fragrance Free Intensive Skincare


    Intensive products in a Christmas gift box

  • Propolis Cream with Honey and Beeswax (aka Propolis Salve)


    An effective skincream for your face and finer skin with the addition of propolis which soothes, heals and takes the itch out of your skin

    Propolis is the most amazing ingredient.

    Bees protect their hives with this sticky resinous material collected from the sap of trees as it is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral. It has been used forever to aid in the healing of  wounds which is why we just had to make this cream.

    Our own propolis tincture incorporated into our fragrance free Fab Face Cream formulation will transfer these qualities to our skin.

    Prior to certification we trialed this salve for more than 24 months – only on human friends – and the responses since have been incredibly positive.

    People with psoriasis, itchy skin and eczema have reported real and lasting benefits and are now repeat customers.

    Young people with acne and psoriasis have found the salve immensely helpful too.

    Last summer, whilst tending our bees I was stung by a bee as well as some nettles. I always react badly to both. So, practising what I preach, I applied this cream and had not one minute’s reaction from either sting – how exciting is that? More recently treating a burn whilst making the BeeswaxWraps and the pain vanished SO quickly!

    Propolis Cream, changed its name temporarily to Propolis Salve and now returning to Cream – apologies for any confusion

    Available in 2 sizes, should you require gift wrapping please choose from the drop down menu

    60ml – £22.00 for those who need to use this cream on a daily basis (37p per ml)

    35ml – £13.00 for occasional use, flare-ups, pustules and pimples, bites and stings (37p per ml)

    200ml – £64.00 – responding to a request as some folk find this is the answer to their issues and need a larger quantity. There is therefore an additional saving too (32p per ml)

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    Bees’ Bounty Christmas Gift Box – Fragrance Free Skincare


    Fragrance Free products in a Christmas gift box

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    Bees’ Bounty Christmas Gift Box – ‘selection box’


    mixed products in a Christmas gift box

  • Intensive Care Propolis Hand Salve

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    Bees’ Bounty Christmas Gift Box – Jasmine


    Jasmine products in a Christmas gift box

  • Travel Essentials – 3 perfect creams for a trip away


    Our favourite selection for a short break and those who like to keep their skincare pure and simple.

    A cornucopia of our products, beautifully presented in a hand made fine cotton print containing one each of the following;

    Calendula Cream for soothing sensitive skin or if you’ve had too much sun

    Silky Hand Cream with geranium and orange essential oils – prize winning and gorgeous!

    Soft Foot Intensive Cream with lavender jasmine and tea tree oils – for happy holiday feet

    We’re always happy to change a fragrance in this selection , just ask!

    Bon vacances!

    3 x 35ml tubes (differ slightly from the pumps shown in picture) in a handy tied fine cotton bag


  • Hand Cream for Gardener’s and Hard Working Hands


    This intensive and luxurious hand cream really hits the spot for weary hands with the combination of essential oils and the addition of 5% urea, it is absorbed easily, leaving your hands feeling supple and pampered. The combination of our honey and beeswax with the essential oils ensure that even the weariest hands are revitalised in seconds.

    Jasmine tones the skin, increases elasticity and is often used to help reduce scarring.

    Lavender has a soothing and calming effect and also reduces rheumatic aches and pains.

    Rosemary improves blood circulation and relieves rheumatic and muscular pain (as well as aiding memory).

    Urea is famous for softening skin and being helpful for chilblains.

    No wonder this is our favourite cream to make as the synergy between the oils is very special. It’s a truly effective cream which softens, nourishes, moisturises and protects.

    Make this your hard working hands’ best friend. Keep it in your work bag, apron,  garden shed, trug or nearby wherever you chose to spend your time.

    We make this cream in 3 sizes

    200ml tin £25 – best value for our dedicated users who prefer not to reorder so often

    120ml glass jar £ 21.00 – perfect for home, office, garden shed

    35ml tube £ 8.50 – great for on the move; handbags, travelling, pockets and the perfect gift – we were delighted this cream was Shortlisted for the 2016 FreeFrom Skincare Awards

    We also offer a multibuy

    3 of our 35ml tubes for £22.50 – great for a gift or for those who use a lot while on the move

    Gift wrapping? If you would like this gift wrapping in a gorgeous soft cotton print bag, ribbon and gift tag then choose the ‘gift wrapping’ option for a nominal £1.00 charge. (the multibuy tubes comes as three tubes in one bag)


  • Soothing Cream with Calendula Honey and Beeswax


    ‘Highly Commended’ by Natural Health Magazine International Beauty Awards 2018 in the sensitive skincare range and awarded GOLD from the JaneyLoves2017 Awards in the Mother and Baby Category.

    Created as a Body Cream, the texture is ideal for all our limbs and is easily absorbed and for those who prefer a lighter face cream this is the one Alison uses!

    Every ingredient is gentle and petrochemical free so perfect for sensitive skin, with the addition of Calendula it is extra soothing. The honey and oils absorb quickly and are deeply moisturising leaving the finest film of beeswax on the skin allowing it to breathe yet holding in the moisture and protecting from the elements.

    Calendula, the marigold flower, has been used for generations and is known to be beneficial for treating any skin inflammation including chronic conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea acne and any type of dermatitis.

    We have soaked the almond oil with marigold petals to infuse the goodness into the oil and made our light fragrance free body cream formulation and the calming qualities will be transferred to our skin.

    This cream was trialed for more than 18 months – only on our human friends of course – and this cream is now central to our ‘sensitive skin’ range


    200ml aluminium jar £ 24.00

    A gift?  We will gift wrap this for you for an extra £1 charge, in a handmade cotton bag with ribbon and tag









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