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foot cream

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    a medley from the bees – hand creams, beeswax wrap and lip balm


    A selection of silky hand creams, 3 of the most popular combinations

    multi award winning ‘holy grail of hand creams’ uplifting, energising and balancing geranium + orange

    with the gentle woody aroma of bergamot sandalwood + pine essential oil

    Alison’s favourite with gentle yet sophisticated Gardener’s –  jasmine lavender+ rosemary

    A beeswax wrap 25cm x 25cm

    Lip balm in an eco-friendly card tube

    With  gift card

    We avoid unnecessary packaging and hope this substantial tin will be well used too!

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    a medley from the bees – especially for men


    A selection of creams chosen specially for men, comprising creams with the gentle woody aroma of Bergamot Sandalwood and Pine essential oil


    Fab Face Cream loved by many as it works so well as an after shave balm

    Silky Hand Cream

    Soft Foot Intensive cream – this time with Jasmine Lavender and Tea Tree Oils – really softens the skin and relaxes before bed

    Lip salve in an eco-friendly card tube

    We avoid unnecessary packaging and hope this substantial tin will be well used too

  • Soft Foot Intensive Cream Lavender, Jasmine & Tea Tree


    This intensive and luxurious foot cream really hits the spot for weary feet with the combination of essential oils and the addition of 10% urea. It is absorbed easily, leaving your feet feeling supple and pampered. The honey and beeswax ensure that even the weariest feet are revitalised in seconds.

    We were asked to make this by a podiatrist who had tried our Silky Hand Cream and realised its effect but she stressed that any good foot cream must have the urea content. It took a year to find a supplier and we were given the thumbs up – it really does work!

    We chose the essential oil combination carefully and this cream has a gently floral aroma with a hint of the medicinal tea tree oil.

    Jasmine tones the skin, increases elasticity and is often used to reduce scarring. Lavender has a soothing and calming effect and also relieves muscular and rheumatic aches and pains. Tea tree oil is a powerful stimulant is anti bacterial and anti fungal so perfect for our hard working feet. Urea not only softens all that hard skin but is also good for chilblains too.

    Award winning! Hoorah! FreeFrom SkinCare Awards 2016, Bronze listing in ‘hand nails and foot’ category, we are delighted to receive this award as even just being accepted for consideration confirms our FreeFrom ethos.

    We make this in three sizes

    120ml glass jar £21.00 – easy to use at home. Recyclable and we can reuse the glass jars if returned to us

    *NEW* 60ml paint tube £15.00 – larger than the standard 35ml tube for those who prefer to use a tube rather than a jar

    35ml paint tube £8.50 – a portable size for gym bags, handbags, briefcases

    See link to our ‘Essentials Travel Bag‘; a cotton handmade bag containing a 35ml tube of Soft Foot Intensive Cream, 35ml Fab Face Cream and 35ml Silky Hand Cream.


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