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  • Silky Hand Cream – relaxing, restorative and harmonising Jasmine


    This luxurious Jasmine scented hand cream is absorbed easily, leaving your hands feeling supple and pampered. The honey and beeswax ensure that even the weariest hands are revitalised in seconds

    Jasmine evokes memories of summer evenings and gentle breezes, lifting the spirits, relaxing the body and dissolving emotional barriers. It is widely considered to be the most exotic and sensual of all scents and takes around 7.6 million flowers to produce one kilogram of Jasmine essential oil

    Using only natural and effective ingredients and keeping the formulation simple it took 2 years to develop this cream, it is not greasy nor sticky, it absorbs well and leaves the finest silky beeswax protective film on our hands! It’s a truly effective cream which nourishes, moisturises and protects

    Make this your hands’ best friend. Keep it in your bag, your car, your office, your garden shed, your cockpit, wherever you like to be keep some of this handy

    We make this cream in 2 sizes

    120ml glass jar £ 20.00 – perfect for home, office, garden shed and better value

    35ml paint tube £ 8.00 – great for on the move; handbags, travelling, pockets and the perfect gift.

    Gift wrapping options; hand sewn bag with bees and wildflowers, with gift tag ‘with love from the bees and….’

    hand sewn bag festive red and gold, with gift tag ‘Merry Christmas from the bees and….’

    golden Christmas cracker with corny joke and fascinating fact in each – this for 35ml tubes only


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