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oily skin

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  • Gorgeous Body Cream Bergamot, Sandalwood and Pine – relaxing, restorative and harmonising


    The combination of natural seed oils, specifically chosen for their moisturising properties, fused with our honey and beeswax, create this luxurious, light and easily absorbed body cream

    This combination of essential oils are known to  be relaxing, restorative and harmonising as well as having a rich woody aroma

    All our creams last well throughout the day.  Apply morning and night, and whenever else you want to

    It’s a truly effective cream which nourishes, moisturises and protects, and, as with all our creams, it is quickly absorbed without being sticky nor oily

    200ml aluminium jar £22.50

    Gift wrapping options; hand sewn bag with bees and wildflowers, with gift tag ‘with love from the bees and….’

    hand sewn bag festive red and gold, with gift tag ‘Merry Christmas from the bees and….’

  • Natural Soap – Bergamot, Sandalwood & Pine


    A very mild natural gently cleansing low-lather soap with vegetable oils (certified organic), beeswax and essential oils

    This combination of essential oils has a rich woody aroma, and is known to be relaxing, restorative and harmonising. What better way to start or end the day?

    Bergamot balances the skin, being particularly good for oily types and can be useful for eczema and psoriasis apparently. It also is uplifting and eases anxiety.

    Sandalwood can help greatly with dry, chapped or irritated skin because of its fantastic moisturising properties. Great for fighting tricky oily skin as well as having anti-ageing benefits to boot.

    Pine is anti-fungal and antiseptic as well as being refreshing and restorative.

    50g gift soap with bee design £4.50, in gift bag £6.00

    50g soap with bee design, in a travel size Beeswax Wrap £6

    90g oval shaped soap £6.00 in gift bag £8.00




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