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  • 2052

    Furniture cream


    This is from a traditional and much loved recipe providing a long lasting solution to retaining the good looks and longevity of your wood.  Using this cream will remind you of past times !

    Turpentine and beeswax are a classic combination for bringing out the best in natural materials and wood will be left with a soft sheen and we add a hint of lavender too.

    Apply with a soft cloth and rub in circular motion across the surface. This cream cleans too so the cloth will become discoloured. Leave to soak in and then buff with a fresh cloth.

    It’s only necessary to use this cream every few months or if your wood is looking lack lustre and between times dust with a dampened cloth.

    200ml pot



  • 2061

    Leather cream


    A traditional recipe, similar to our furniture cream, embracing the protecting qualities of beeswax and natural turpentine.

    Perfect for all those handbags, shoes and the sofa.

    The effect of this cream is long lasting and helps retain that ‘just bought look’, healing those scuffs too.

    This cream feeds as well as allowing the leather to breathe producing a fabulous sheen.

    As this is a traditional combination the ingredients may separate slightly so;  a good shake before use and then dab the liquid onto a soft cloth, allow the cream to  be absorbed and then buff with a  fresh soft cloth.

    now sold in 100ml bottle


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