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    Natural Soap – Lemongrass


    The perfect soap for your early morning ablutions as the Lemongrass essential oil is revitalising to both body and mind.  What better way to start the day!

    A very mild natural round soap with vegetable oils (certified organic) and beeswax.

    Refreshing, light and ‘citrusy’, Lemongrass essential oil is added for its refreshing and slightly astringent properties, beneficial for toning muscles and skin as well as being revitalising.

    These soaps are gently cleansing with little lather as they are free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), SLES (sodium laureth sulphate) and MPG (monopropylene glycol), Beeswax.
    100% of the oils used are certified Organic.

    80g Heart shaped Soap £ 4.50

    (also available in a larger 150g pebble shaped soap)

    AVOID DURING PREGNANCY due to it being a possible skin irritant




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