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Bee Alert! – Selected in Independent Online The 30 best children’s books for 2019

Barbara Rustin’s first book – was born out of the desire to increase awareness, not only of large-scale bee disappearances but of their causes and implications. Barbara felt that the information should be embedded in an exciting story and that is what she set out to write.

Although the book is for children (9 – 11 years), it will, she hopes, amuse and inform adults too. A mystery story, it concerns not only the life of bees and the causes of their current plight but the related threats to other wildlife and even to human health.

When Ben goes to stay with his grandpa in the country for the summer, he’s hoping that somewhere, somehow, there’ll be a mystery to solve – a theft, a kidnapping, a murder even . . .

When he stumbles on a case of alarming disappearances he comes to realize that solving this mystery may prove more dangerous than anything he could possibly have imagined.

Will he find the courage?

Will anyone believe his incredible story?

‘I loved Bee Alert! An exciting, necessary book, filled to the brim with the brilliant world of bees.’

– Lisa Heathfield, author of Paper Butterflies
Shortlisted for Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, 2017
‘Charming, adventurous and good fun! This book is a brilliant introduction to knowing how our actions – child and adult – can affect change in the natural world. An absolute gem.’

–  Faye Bird, author of the highly acclaimed and award-winning
My Second Life and What I Couldn’t Tell You

Alison met Barbara just as the book was published, bought a copy for Callum and proceeded to read it – an enjoyable read for all, so we’d like to share it with everyone!



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