Beeswax dinner candle pair, handrolled with fine glittered spiral edge


These we love to make by decorating a sheet of ‘foundation’ wax with the finest dusting of glitter which highlights the spiral top to the wax and then hand rolling each candle.

It’s a traditional activity, cathartic and lovely for the hands. Foundation is the sheet of wax, imprinted with the honeycomb and given to the bees as a base for them to draw their honeycomb. For bees to make wax they have to consume vast amounts of honey; for 1lb weight of wax bees need to eat 5lb weight of honey (having collected and created it first of course). So we help them along by providing the sheet wax in a frame.

On opening the natural beeswax candles they smell beautifully of honey. The coloured options lose this sweetness during the processing and retain all the natural goodness of beeswax candles.

Beeswax is the ‘King’ of all waxes, it burns slowly with a perfect flame and beeswax are the only candles which apparently don’t pollute the atmosphere. In fact, they produce a negative ion when they burn thus making dust and pollen drop form the air. Are these the perfect candles to burn for hay fever sufferers? We think so!

230 mm x  c 22 mm diameter or in old money 9″ tall x 7/8″ diameter

burn time c 3-4 hours

Out of stock


natural beeswax with silver glitter

natural beeswax with gold glitter

white beeswax with silver glitter

white beeswax with gold glitter

These candles are held in stock, whereas we also offer other seasonal colours. The rich red and dark greens look particularly rich for Christmas and Alison’s favourite it white wax with an opalescent/frosted glitter which looks as though the candles have been caught by an hoar frost.

Do ask if you have a colour combination you’d like us to make for you.


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