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Beeswax mini candle dipped

We are taking annual leave between 11th - 17th August and the studio will be closed.
Orders will be poster 1st class on our return 18th August.
Be careful of this heat, drink plenty and please leave water in your garden for wildlife too


Hand dipped in a workshop in Alison’s home county of Cumbria with English beeswax. This is a traditional method of dipping a length of taut wick into molten wax, removing it, allowing the wax to cool and repeating multiple times to build up thin layers of wax and eventually creating these superb candles.

On opening these candles smell beautifully of honey.

These mini candles are ideal for all festivities of light !

Beeswax is the ‘King’ of all waxes, it burns slowly with a perfect flame and beeswax are the only candles which apparently don’t pollute the atmosphere. In fact, they produce a negative ion when they burn thus making dust and pollen drop form the air. Are these the perfect candles to burn for hay fever sufferers? We think so!

Beeswax candles can develop a ‘bloom’ it is a natural process of beeswax, ageing and environment creates a milky and matt finish on the wax. A bloom is preferred by Americans apparently. If your candles develop a bloom and you prefer them looking shiny, then all that’s needed is to rub gently with a fine cloth and voila!

tiny wee  10 x 1 cm or 4″ x 7/16″ in old money

burn time c 1 1/2 hours

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5 pairs, pair

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