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Beeswax moulded candle – fir cone


Hand molded candles, a tradition with beekeepers making candles, less time consuming than hand dipping and able to create quirky designs.

We are collaborating with members of our beekeeping group in offering these candles and they are limited availablilty

On opening, these candles smell beautifully of honey.

Beeswax is the ‘King’ of all waxes, it burns slowly with a perfect flame and beeswax are the only candles which apparently don’t pollute the atmosphere. In fact, they produce a negative ion when they burn thus making dust and pollen drop form the air. Are these the perfect candles to burn for hay fever sufferers? We think so!

Beeswax candles can develop a ‘bloom’ it is a natural process of beeswax, ageing and environment creates a milky and matte finish on the wax. A bloom is preferred by Americans apparently. If your candles develop a bloom and you prefer them looking shiny, then all that’s needed is to rub gently with a fine cloth and voila!

Candles are natural beeswax colour unless described in the drop down menu

burns c 4hrs  c 8cm height


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small fir cone natural, small fir cone red

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