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beeswaxwraps – the thoughtful alternative to clingfilm


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5 customer reviews

Re-usable handmade beeswax food wraps. These wraps are all the buzz for wrapping food as they keep food fresh + moist with no need for clingfilm, plastic bags or boxes nor aluminium foil

Following the suggestion of a local crafter who’d just returned from the Antipodes we just had to introduce these to our ‘hive products’ range.

Designed to wrap sandwiches, cover any food or leftovers, with the exception of raw meat or fish. Either wrap the food or cover containers with these flexible cloths. Use the warmth of your hands to seal the wrap. Beeswax does not absorb smells nor bacteria which is why these are so perfect!

They are reuseable, just wash in cool or cold water with a little mild detergent and air dry

When your wrap looks worn out simply place on a piece of baking parchment in a cool oven (110 0c) for a few minutes to refresh. Use and re-use – save the planet 1 wrap at a time!

Using the beeswax from Keith’s bees in the Surbiton area, his sister Alison is making them for us as well as us at ‘head hive’! Whilst we were planning the making of these Alison and her family had come to the conclusion, as so many of us have, that we must reduce our consumption and thoughtless use of plastic. Robin’s mother used wax cloth in the kitchen, but I didn’t find it until clearing her kitchen after she passed away and couldn’t work out what it was, that was over 35 years ago and now we know!

Made from 100% cotton and pure local beeswax – nothing else


3 pack contains 3 wraps, Bee Haven fabric design £14.50

30 x 30cm – great for sandwiches, cold meats etc

25 x 25cm – covering bowls, wrapping cheeses etc

20 x 20cm – wrapping individual fruit, onions, vegetables and small bowls!

2 pack contains 2 large same size wraps, Bee Haven fabric design £14.50

30 x 30cm – great for sandwiches, cold meats etc

single pack contains 1 extra large bread wrap £14.50

50 x 50cm – great for bread, picnic foods and large bowls

nb we will refund excess postage based on weight of order (up to 3 packs will receive £2.00 refund)

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2 pack, 3 pack, single (bread wrap)

5 reviews for beeswaxwraps – the thoughtful alternative to clingfilm

  1. good product

  2. These are really pretty and work surprisingly well. I’ve used and washed them many times but they aren’t showing any sign of wear and still smell beautifully of honey. And I’ve saved yards of cling film!

    • That is great to hear Ann, we’ve been using our prototypes for over 2 years now, and have only needed to ‘refresh’ them in the oven a couple of times.
      I wrapped a cut up apple on Sunday then unwrapped it 24 hours later and it was still fresh to eat, with only the slightest discolouration, I was travelling and the wrap folded into smallest space unlike an empty re-usable plastic box.
      Love them and the lack of plastic wasted!

  3. These wraps are so great I’m back to buy my 2nd lot!

    • that’s good to hear Kerena, thanks for letting us know. We’re still using our prototypes after 2 years regular use ………..

  4. I love these!
    Such cheerful designs, and great that on my trips round London I don’t have to carry an empty lunchbox all afternoon, just a neatly folded piece of wax fabric that fits in a pocket

    • we so agree Jan, delighted you’re enjoying using the wraps, remember they can be refreshed in the oven after a few months of use

  5. I absolutely love these wraps! So versatile, wash – re-use, wash re-use etc.. really good value & very pretty designs! Thank you!

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