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Christmas Cracker


A festive alternative to our hand tied cotton gift bags, so for 2020 we have designed and hand made a Christmas Cracker which contains a tube of  Silky Hand Creams, with your choice of fragrance, in addition an alternative containing a mini BeeswaxWrap too

a 35ml tube of either

geranium and orange – 3 time winner of Best Hand Cream awards

geranium and orange – 3 time winner of Best Hand Cream awards with a BeeswaxWrap – ideal for wrapping 1/2 a lemon/avocado/cucumber etc or a soap when travelling

gardeners (jasmine lavender and rosemary – Alison’s favourite combination)

bergamot sandalwood and pine – rich and woody for the festive period

jasmine for a reminder of sultry summer days

lavender being the classic relaxing and balancing essential oil


Included in each cracker will be a corny bee themed joke along with a crucially fascinating fact


Hand made Christmas Cracker containing a choice of content

A corny bee joke and fascinating fact too

Additional information


silky hand cream lavender, silky hand cream geranium + orange, silky hand bergamot sandalwood + pine, silky hand jasmine, gardeners hand cream, silky hand cream geranium + orange and a mini BeeswaxWrap


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