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Gift Wrapping, bag only


GIFT WRAPPING  buy on this page only if you would like to buy our gift bags without a purchase

Having spent holidays in Europe, and of course shopping too, we love it when sales assistants ask if the item is a present and then wrap with special paper and ribbon.

One year in Denmark we must have spent 20 minutes watching our gifts being beautifully wrapped, and were reminded of Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually spending an age overly wrapping the present – such a funny scene!

We struggle with gift boxes, often in another box with enormous printed ribbons which really have no use but are too good to throw into the recycling bin.

We’ve not compromised but been creative and to date our gift wrapping has proven very popular.

Your choice for gift presentation is a bag made with a soft cotton print fabric, tied with a ribbon and a gift tag (we can even custom print these for you as we recently did for a dinner at the House of Commons).

We hope the recipient will either use the bag for wrapping a special piece of jewellery, re-use for another present or even use in handbags/tool box/briefcases for keeping something special!

Two choices of design currently

Bees with wildflowers

Festive red with gold twigs and robins

Charge is £5.00 otherwise to buy with a cream/soap etc then choose the gift wrapping option required with the purchase



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bees and wildflowers, festive red and gold

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