propolis cream with honey and beeswax (aka propolis salve)


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An effective face and body cream  with propolis which soothes, heals and breaks the itch scratch cycle.

Propolis is the most amazing ingredient with anti viral, anti fungal and anti microbial and anti bacterial properties

We made this cream to meet the needs of people with many varied skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis and hives.

Bees protect their hives with this sticky resinous material collected from the sap of trees. It has been used forever to aid in the healing of  wounds which is why we were keen to make this cream.

Our own propolis tincture incorporated into our fragrance free Fab Face Cream formulation will transfer these qualities to our skin.

Prior to certification we trialed this for 24+ months – only on human friends – and their feedback was incredibly positive.

People with psoriasis, itchy skin and eczema have reported real and lasting benefits and are now repeat customers.

Young people with acne and psoriasis have found it immensely helpful too.

Last summer, whilst tending our bees I was stung by both a bee+ some nettles. I always react badly to both. So, practising what I preach, I applied this cream and had not one minute’s reaction from either sting – how exciting is that? Also applied to treat a burn whilst making the BeeswaxWraps and the pain vanished SO quickly!

Available in 3 sizes, should you require gift wrapping please choose from the drop down menu

60ml – £22.00 for frequent use (37p per ml)

35ml – £13.00 for occasional use, flare-ups, skin eruptions, bites and stings (37p per ml)

200ml – £64.00 our largest size for better value (32p per ml)


Ingredients:  Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol and Polysorbate 60 (emulsifying wax NF), Propolis Tincture (Propolis + Isopropyl Alcohol, ) Theobroma Cacao (cocoa butter),  Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (sweet almond oil) Oryza Sativa (rice bran oil), Ricinus Communis (castor oil), Beeswax, Honey, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol (preservative).

Fragrance Free – no essential oils added.

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16 reviews for propolis cream with honey and beeswax (aka propolis salve)

  1. One of our cutomers grazed her knees very badly and used this cream on the raw wound, she was amazed and delighted how quickly her skin healed

  2. “I’ve been using the cream for over a month now, and while it hasn’t completely made my eczema disappear, i have to say this cream has helped me more than any other i have tried! ( and i have tried my fair amount) It helped soothe the dryness of the eczema, reduce redness, and stopped it from spreading from my wrist down my arm. The redness of my eczema now is barely visible, although if left unattended it does act up again…………………for me it (eczema) never really goes away so this is the best cream I’ve used!”
    Maya N London

  3. I love this cream. I was given a free sample some time ago at a fayre and I used it for everything. Has helped with my craked lips when nothing else did!

    • That is great to hear Jacqui, thank you so much for letting us, and everyone else, know how well the cream has worked for you.

  4. “I tried a sample of the Propolis cream as I have just come off antibiotics for a bad infection under my toenail and I also suffer from fungal nail infection which I have never been able to get rid of even though I have bought lots of different over the counter medications for it.

    Within a few days I found a massive improvement to both issues. My nails seem to be coming back to a normal colour & over time the bruising caused by the infection is slowly disappearing which would normally take a year for it to grow out.

    I’m really pleased with this product & will definitely be buying some when it comes available. Can’t believe how quick it’s healed my feet!”

    B.M. Sussex

  5. I tried this product to help with a persistent skin issue for which my GP said there was no treatment bar just waiting for it to disappear on its own, which can apparently take a number of years. This cream has made a massive difference; the redness is vastly reduced and it has stopped the occasional very bad flaring that I used to have. Nothing else I have tried has had anywhere near the same effect. Really important to find something that works well when the skin issue is visible throughout the normal working day!

    Not only do I highly recommend this product but also the people. They kindly provided me with a free sample at a country show. I emailed to ask about progress with certification so that I could purchase some more of the cream – lo and behold, I get another free sample in the post the very next day. Great product and great customer service. Thank you very much Bee Inspired.

    • Thank you so much for your comments, we’re delighted to hear that the cream has helped, we’re more than happy to offer you the samples whilst we await approval to sell the cream, and just so pleased you’re feeling the benefit! We love our bees and propolis!

  6. I was given a sample of this cream to trial at a Fair in early October. I have been using it now for three weeks and it is brilliant! I keep having flares of red, dry, cracked skin in the area around my mouth and I haven’t had any problems since using it. It has such a lovely feel to it as well. I do hope you can get it licensed soon as I would like to buy some!

    • That is so good to hear Georgina and thank you for letting us know. We are rather disappointed that the certification process is not yet complete – the lab had a problem and apparently it’s not going to be through until the end of the year. If you need more please in the meantime then do let us know.

  7. I got a sample in the Marylebone fair this summer. I had pimples, very infected, on my face, because I picked them with my hands. After talking to the brand owners, I decided to stop using everything I was using at that time. I washed my face with only frangrace free soap from cetaphil, sprayed on some avene spring water afterwards and finally, finish with the propolis cream. My pimples healed within 2 weeks and they didn’t leave very visible marks either! The tube lasted me 2 months. I did the same beauty regime every day and night. I love it! The cream is non-greasy and very moisturising. I didn’t have any more pimple during the time I was using it. I will repurchase, definitely will! I am so excited to see it on your website. I am looking forward to the day you have it available for selling!

    • Thank you so much for letting us know how you found the propolis cream, it’s great to hear how well it’s helped you and your skin. We’re feeling a tad frustrated as the chemists who are certifying the cream are being SO slow, having sent it off in August we’re still waiting and they keep breaking their promises…………………….in the meantime if you need more then let us know

  8. ‘…I was given a trial sample of the Propolis Cream for the consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon who I work with to try. He has damaged skin on his hands from all the hand scrubbing and washing. He has asked me to order him some more as he says it is the best product he’s ever tried on his hands and is delighted with the results….’
    J.B. Chobham

  9. (verified owner)

    Amazing! Since using this cream my acne and blemishes have cleared up, any dry areas feel and look hydrated and it’s even helped minimise a scar on my chin. Love it!

    • that’s great to hear Alice, thanks for letting us know and do spread the word!

  10. First let me say that I don’t normally write reviews but I did purchase a tube of this cream at the Horticultural Halls in London last October as for years I have suffered greatly from skin infections under my breasts especially during the summer and by the time the infection has finally healed summer is upon us once more. I have used this cream sparingly every other day for the past 2 months and all signs of any infection has gone, just a couple of scars from previous bad sessions which are also gradually fading.

  11. My baby has eczema on various parts of his body, but his face is most effected. This Propolis cream has worked wonders! His face still gets an occasional flare up but a few applications of this cream and it disappears. I was so impressed when a patch appeared on his back and I applied the cream before he went to sleep it was completely gone by morning. I love bee inspired, they are a fantastic ethical company, I love their products and highly recommended them!

  12. this is a fabulous cream full of propolis benefits. I used it for cold sore and felt amazing. would definitely recommend it 🙂

  13. (verified owner)

    Having tried this for a very nasty inflamed rash on my shins, it has almost totally cured it,,,amazing, so I am reordering plus the body cream.
    So pleased I made a trip to the fair at hever castle and came across this wonderful product!

  14. (verified owner)

    I bought some of this cream at the honey festival in Woburn a few years ago. In the past I have suffered from outbreaks of peri oral dermatitis which required antibiotic treatment and, at the time of purchasing the cream, I was getting regular blemishes on my face. This cream is amazing. I use it regularly and my skin looks great. One jar lasts ages as a small amount of cream goes a long way. I wouldn’t be without it now.

  15. (verified owner)

    Thank you for your very prompt action on delivery. Very pleased with the cream and have since reorder

  16. Lovely soothing cream. I use this cream on my daughter’s eczema and she finds it really helps soothe the itchiness. Would definitely recommend.

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