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propolis tincture spray


Propolis is the most amazing ingredient

Bees line and protect their hives with this sticky resinous material collected from the sap of trees. They then combine the resin with beeswax and pollens to coat all surfaces of the hive thus protecting them from infection

Propolis is anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti microbial and anti viral.

It has been used forever in various preparations such as throat lozenges, toothpaste, salves and tincture – we met an opera singer who asked for the Propolis Tincture in spray form as they routinely use it to protect themselves as they can’t afford to have any infections or lose their voices!

Our own propolis tincture usually added to our Propolis Salve

30ml spray dispenser, we used to offer it with a dropper but find this spray works really well


Ingredients:  Alcohol 65% by vol 95% ethyl diluted with vodka), Propolis 20%

more details to follow shortly

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