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Re-usable Cotton Face mask


Washable face mask or covering

Now that lockdown has been lifted and it is mandatory to wear coverings in shops and public transport we are making masks with the fabrics we use for the BeeswaxWraps

We’ve been designing and trialling various options and we feel this is the most comfortable to wear as well as looking good

2 cotton layers with filter pocket: outer layer in various quilting weight, inner layer extra fine Tana Lawn which is soft to the skin

Close fitting for your face

Wire inserted to shape to the bridge of your nose

Adjustable stretch cotton ear straps


Various fabric designs


Large – finished mask dimension nose to under chin 21cm

Medium – finished mask dimension nose to under chin 19cm

Small – finished mask dimension nose to under chin 16cm

When we wear ours we will be inserting an additional filter layer sprayed with our Propolis Tincture https://beeinspiredcreams.buzz/product/propolis-tincture/

Do look at our Instagram page for images of fabric choices https://www.instagram.com/beeinspired_natural_skincare/

See below for WHO advice on care for and wearing re-usable masks




SKU washable face covering


All the cloth face masks are handmade.

The placement of the prints will vary slightly different from the images shown

These masks are not medical grade

See below for current advice from the WHO on the wearing of, and caring for re-usable face masks



Additional information


large, large 3 pack, medium, medium 3 pack, small, small 3 pack


aqua, bees buzzin, blue daisy, camouflage, deco, morris, paint dots, pink + blue daisies, red sunburst, tickets, trains, turquoise geo, weave, white linen, wild flower blackground, wild flower whiteground

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    Propolis Tincture


    Propolis is the most amazing ingredient

    Bees line and protect their hives with this sticky resinous material collected from the sap of trees. They then combine the resin with beeswax and pollens to coat all surfaces of the hive thus protecting them from infection

    Propolis is anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti microbial and anti viral.

    It has been used forever in various preparations such as throat lozenges, toothpaste, salves and tincture – we met an opera singer who asked for the Propolis Tincture in spray form as they routinely use it to protect themselves as they can’t afford to have any infections or lose their voices!

    Our own propolis tincture usually added to our Propolis Salve

    30ml dropper bottle


    should this item appear ‘out of stock’ please email, text or phone as we appear to have a glitch!


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