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Travel Essentials – 3 perfect creams for a trip away


Our favourite selection for a short break and those who like to keep their skincare pure and simple.

A cornucopia of our products, beautifully presented in a hand made fine cotton print containing one each of the following;

Calendula Cream for soothing sensitive skin or if you’ve had too much sun

Silky Hand Cream with geranium and orange essential oils – prize winning and gorgeous!

Soft Foot Intensive Cream with lavender jasmine and tea tree oils – for happy holiday feet

We’re always happy to change a fragrance in this selection , just ask!

Bon vacances!

3 x 35ml tubes (differ slightly from the pumps shown in picture) in a handy tied fine cotton bag


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Bergamot Sandalwood & Pine, Fragrance Free, Geranium & Orange, Lavender

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