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  • 1876

    Natural Soap – Lemongrass


    The perfect soap for your early morning ablutions as the Lemongrass essential oil is revitalising to both body and mind.  What better way to start the day!

    A very mild natural round soap with vegetable oils (certified organic) and beeswax.

    Refreshing, light and ‘citrusy’, Lemongrass essential oil is added for its refreshing and slightly astringent properties, beneficial for toning muscles and skin as well as being revitalising.

    These soaps are gently cleansing with little lather as they are free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), SLES (sodium laureth sulphate) and MPG (monopropylene glycol), Beeswax.
    100% of the oils used are certified Organic.

    80g Heart shaped Soap £ 4.50

    (also available in a larger 150g pebble shaped soap)

    AVOID DURING PREGNANCY due to it being a possible skin irritant



  • 1869

    Natural Soap – Fragrance Free


    A very mild natural heart shaped soap with vegetable oils (certified organic) and beeswax.

    Fragrance Free so is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

    These soaps are gently cleansing with little lather as they are free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), SLES (sodium laureth sulphate) and MPG (monopropylene glycol).

    80g heart shaped soap £ 4.50 (also available in a larger 150g pebble shaped soap).




  • 2061

    Leather cream


    A traditional recipe, similar to our furniture cream, embracing the protecting qualities of beeswax and natural turpentine.

    Perfect for all those handbags, shoes and the sofa.

    The effect of this cream is long lasting and helps retain that ‘just bought look’, healing those scuffs too.

    This cream feeds as well as allowing the leather to breathe producing a fabulous sheen.

    As this is a traditional combination the ingredients may separate slightly so;  a good shake before use and then dab the liquid onto a soft cloth, allow the cream to  be absorbed and then buff with a  fresh soft cloth.

    now sold in 100ml bottle

  • 1864

    Natural Lip Balm in a Stick


    Made to a traditional recipe combining our own beeswax with almond oil and a splash of vitamin E (wheat germ) – possibly the simplest and most effective lip balm there is. We have deliberately omitted fragrance or flavour as we believe that folk are tempted to lick their lips more, creating a vicious circle.

    Our lip balm gently moisturises leaving a fine film of protective beeswax leaving lovely soft kissable lips, just as nature intended.

    The balm in the stick is firmer than that in the potlet making it very easy to use, even with gloves on.

    Del Brown wrote a superb review about our lip balm – click on his name to read in full.

    “….Not everyone wants a lip product with a fruity fragrance, so being fragrance free, both men and women feel comfortable using it.  Unlike petroleum based lip balms that just form a barrier on the skin, the natural oils and bees wax in this product penetrate deep into the skin, hydrating dry lips and making them feel soft and comfortable.

    This easy to use, fuss free lip balm is a winter essential and fully Del Brown Approved!”

    For those with a nut allergy we have made this lip balm substituting olive oil for the almond oil – just ask.

    4.5ml stick – £ 4.50  (a softer lip balm is also available in a potlet).



  • 1973

    Gift Wrapping


    GIFT WRAPPING    Having spent holidays in Europe, and of course shopping too, we love it when sales assistants ask if the item is a present and then wrap with special paper and ribbon.

    One year in Denmark we must have spent 20 minutes watching our gifts being beautifully wrapped, and were reminded of Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually spending an age overly wrapping the present – such a funny scene!

    We struggle with gift boxes, often in another box with enormous printed ribbons which really have no use but are too good to throw into the recycling bin.

    We’ve not compromised but been creative and to date our gift wrapping has proven very popular.

    Your choice for gift presentation is a bag made with either Liberty Tana Lawn or recycled linen, tied with a ribbon and a gift tag (we can even custom print these for you as we recently did for a dinner at the House of Commons).

    We hope the recipient will either use the bag for wrapping a special piece of jewellery, re-use for another present or even use in handbags/tool box/briefcases for keeping something special!

    The choice of fabric will vary, and we’ll match colour to the product choice, however if you have a colour preference please let us know when ordering!

  • Fascinating Facts Tea Towel

    We just had to share some fascinating facts with everyone about our clever bees.

    Robin is the artist and drew our bee as well as the ‘skep’ a traditional beehive made from straw and we designed the text to follow a flying bee.

    Facts such as ‘a queen bee can lay up to 1500 eggs a day’

    This is good quality linen union combination cloth, printed in the UK. Presented tightly folded with a corrugated card and label around this is a great present for anyone interested in bees. We did sell one to someone who was going to embroider and paint the towel to use in the classroom – what a great idea!



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