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With a little help from our bees we create and make our skincare range of luxurious creams, balms and soaps for you, traditional nourishing cleaners for your home, and elegant gifts for everyone.Our ethos is ‘less is more’ – natural, simple and effective products. Explore our website - find out about our fantastic bees and how BeeInspired Natural Beeswax Skincare could benefit your skin. Please see our FAQs and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
  • Soothing Cream with Calendula Honey and Beeswax


    ‘Highly Commended’ by Natural Health Magazine International Beauty Awards 2018 in the sensitive skincare range and awarded GOLD from the JaneyLoves2017 Awards in the Mother and Baby Category.

    Created as a Body Cream, the texture is ideal for all our limbs and is easily absorbed and for those who prefer a lighter face cream this is the one Alison uses!

    Every ingredient is gentle and petrochemical free so perfect for sensitive skin, with the addition of Calendula it is extra soothing. The honey and oils absorb quickly and are deeply moisturising leaving the finest film of beeswax on the skin allowing it to breathe yet holding in the moisture and protecting from the elements.

    Calendula, the marigold flower, has been used for generations and is known to be beneficial for treating any skin inflammation including chronic conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea acne and any type of dermatitis.

    We have soaked the almond oil with marigold petals to infuse the goodness into the oil and made our light fragrance free body cream formulation and the calming qualities will be transferred to our skin.

    This cream was trialed for more than 18 months – only on our human friends of course – and this cream is now central to our ‘sensitive skin’ range


    200ml aluminium jar £ 24.00

    A gift?  We will gift wrap this for you for an extra £1 charge, in a handmade cotton bag with ribbon and tag








  • beeswaxwraps – the thoughtful alternative to clingfilm


    Re-usable handmade beeswax food wraps. These wraps are all the buzz for wrapping food as they keep food fresh + moist with no need for clingfilm, plastic bags or boxes nor aluminium foil

    Following the suggestion of a local crafter who’d just returned from the Antipodes we just had to introduce these to our ‘hive products’ range.

    Designed to wrap sandwiches, cover any food or leftovers, with the exception of raw meat or fish. Either wrap the food or cover containers with these flexible cloths. Use the warmth of your hands to seal the wrap. Beeswax does not absorb smells nor bacteria which is why these are so perfect!

    They are reuseable, just wash in cool or cold water with a little mild detergent and air dry

    When your wrap looks worn out simply place on a piece of baking parchment in a cool oven (110 0c) for a few minutes to refresh. Use and re-use – save the planet 1 wrap at a time!

    Using the beeswax from Keith’s bees in the Surbiton area, his sister Alison is making them for us as well as us at ‘head hive’! Whilst we were planning the making of these Alison and her family had come to the conclusion, as so many of us have, that we must reduce our consumption and thoughtless use of plastic. Robin’s mother used wax cloth in the kitchen, but I didn’t find it until clearing her kitchen after she passed away and couldn’t work out what it was, that was over 35 years ago and now we know!

    Made from 100% cotton and pure local beeswax – nothing else

  • Silky Hand Cream – Geranium & Orange – Uplifting Energisising and Rebalancing



    Winner of the best hand cream from Natural Health Magazine International Beauty Awards 2018 – competing with some famous and well established brands such as Liz Earle and Tropic Skincare – how delighted are we?

    ‘the holy grail of hand creams – it feels nourishing without leaving a greasy residue. It sinks in quickly, soothes and keeps hands hydrated for a long time’ – they omitted to say how gorgeous it smells too!

    This luxurious, multi award winning, geranium and orange scented hand cream is absorbed easily, leaving your hands feeling supple and pampered. The honey and beeswax, combined with plant oils ensure that even the weariest hands are revitalised in seconds.

    Geranium energises, helps relieve stress, anxiety and tension and balances hormones.


    Sweet Orange is a sunny and radiant oil, which is hardly surprising as research has shown that it has great mood enhancing properties.

    It doesn’t surprise us that with such a dynamic and uplifting combination of oils this is one of our most popular combinations.

    It’s a truly effective cream which nourishes, moisturises and protects too.

    Make this your hands’ best friend. Keep it in your bag, your car, your office, your garden shed, your cockpit, wherever you like to be keep some of this nearby.

    120ml glass jar £ 20.00

    35ml tube £ 8.00

    We also offer a multibuy

    3 of our 35ml tubes for £22.00

    Gift wrapping? If you would like this gift wrapping in a hand made cotton bag, ribbon and gift tag then choose the size with ‘gift wrapping’ option for a nominal £ 1:00 charge



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