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With a little help from our bees we create and make our skincare range of luxurious creams, balms and soaps for you, traditional nourishing cleaners for your home, and elegant gifts for everyone.Our ethos is ‘less is more’ – natural, simple and effective products. Explore our website - find out about our fantastic bees and how BeeInspired Natural Beeswax Skincare could benefit your skin. Please see our FAQs and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
  • Re-usable Cotton Face mask


    Washable face mask or covering

    Now that lockdown has been lifted and it is mandatory to wear coverings in shops and public transport we are making masks with the fabrics we use for the BeeswaxWraps

    We’ve been designing and trialling various options and we feel this is the most comfortable to wear as well as looking good

    2 cotton layers with filter pocket: outer layer in various quilting weight, inner layer extra fine Tana Lawn which is soft to the skin

    Close fitting for your face

    Wire inserted to shape to the bridge of your nose

    Adjustable stretch cotton ear straps


    Various fabric designs


    Large – finished mask dimension nose to under chin 21cm

    Medium – finished mask dimension nose to under chin 19cm

    Small – finished mask dimension nose to under chin 16cm

    we’re going to start making a child’s size shortly too – do ask……………


    NB these are offered in a pack of 3, it is too complicated to let you choose the combination online. If you’d like different designs, choose a 3 pack in the size and one of the fabrics, then in the comments/instructions area on ordering please make it clear which designs you would like – is that clear as mud?

    When we wear ours we will be inserting an additional filter layer sprayed with our Propolis Tincture https://beeinspiredcreams.buzz/product/propolis-tincture/

    Do look at our Instagram page for images of fabric choices https://www.instagram.com/beeinspired_natural_skincare/

    See below for WHO advice on care for and wearing re-usable masks


  • Propolis Cream with Honey and Beeswax (aka Propolis Salve)


    An effective face ream  with propolis which soothes, heals and breaks the itch scratch cycle.

    Propolis is the most amazing ingredient with anti viral, anti fungal and anti microbial and anti bacterial properties

    We made this cream to meet the needs of people with many varied skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis and hives.

    Bees protect their hives with this sticky resinous material collected from the sap of trees. It has been used forever to aid in the healing of  wounds which is why we were keen to make this cream.

    Our own propolis tincture incorporated into our fragrance free Fab Face Cream formulation will transfer these qualities to our skin.

    Prior to certification we trialed this for 24+ months – only on human friends – and their feedback was incredibly positive.

    People with psoriasis, itchy skin and eczema have reported real and lasting benefits and are now repeat customers.

    Young people with acne and psoriasis have found it immensely helpful too.

    Last summer, whilst tending our bees I was stung by both a bee+ some nettles. I always react badly to both. So, practising what I preach, I applied this cream and had not one minute’s reaction from either sting – how exciting is that? Also applied to treat a burn whilst making the BeeswaxWraps and the pain vanished SO quickly!

    Available in 3 sizes, should you require gift wrapping please choose from the drop down menu

    60ml – £22.00 for frequent use (37p per ml)

    35ml – £13.00 for occasional use, flare-ups, skin eruptions, bites and stings (37p per ml)

    200ml – £64.00 our largest size for better value (32p per ml)

  • Intensive Care Hand Cream with Calendula Honey and Beeswax


    ‘Editor’s Pick’ by the Green Parent Magazine Natural Beauty Bible 2018 and Highly Commended by Natural Health Magazine International Beauty Awards 2018 in the ‘sensitive skin range’

    Our butchers love to use the Silky Hand Cream, fragrance free to protect their hands from the brine and cold wet conditions and it occurred to us that they need something richer which creates more of a barrier – so we developed this cream.

    This cream is perfect for anyone who frequently washes their hands, uses harsh cleaners or wipes, or has particularly dry hands, as the rich combination of oils with the honey and beeswax not only moisturises deeply but the beeswax creates a lovely silky emollient cream. We have combined the oils with soothing and calming Calendula oil for those who have eczema and sensitive skin.

    Like the Calendula Cream every ingredient is gentle and petrochemical free so perfect for young skin and we’re awaiting the certification for this to be also called our Happy Nappy Cream!

    Calendula, the marigold flower, has been used for generations and is known to be beneficial for treating any skin inflammation including chronic conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and any type of dermatitis. We have soaked the almond oil with marigold petals to infuse the goodness into the oil.

    This cream was trialed for more than 18 months – only on our human friends of course – and the responses have been incredibly positive.


  • 1864

    Natural Lip Balm in a Stick


    Made to a traditional recipe combining our own beeswax with almond oil and a splash of vitamin E (wheat germ) – possibly the simplest and most effective lip balm there is. We have deliberately omitted fragrance or flavour as we believe that folk are tempted to lick their lips more, creating a vicious circle.

    Our lip balm gently moisturises leaving a fine film of protective beeswax leaving lovely soft kissable lips, just as nature intended.

    The balm in the stick is firmer than that in the tin making it very easy to use, even with gloves on.

    Del Brown wrote a superb review about our lip balm – click on his name to read in full.

    “….Not everyone wants a lip product with a fruity fragrance, so being fragrance free, both men and women feel comfortable using it.  Unlike petroleum based lip balms that just form a barrier on the skin, the natural oils and bees wax in this product penetrate deep into the skin, hydrating dry lips and making them feel soft and comfortable.

    This easy to use, fuss free lip balm is a winter essential and fully Del Brown Approved!”

    2019 new packaging;  a push up cardboard container (containing twice as much lip balm as previously).

    9 ml stick – £ 6.50  (a softer lip balm is also available in a tin)




  • Happy Nappy Cream with Honey, Beeswax and Calendula


    Award winning Happy Nappy Cream with soothing Calendula Oil has been developed for the most delicate of skin. This formulation is extra rich with beeswax to form a natural barrier combined with botanical oils and honey to gently moisturise – a perfect combination for bottoms!

    Every ingredient is gentle and petrochemical free so perfect for young skin, with the addition of Calendula it is even more so.

    Calendula, the marigold flower, has been used for generations and is known to be beneficial for treating any skin inflammation including chronic conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea acne and any type of dermatitis.

    We have soaked the almond oil with marigold petals to infuse the goodness into the oil and made Happy Nappy Cream formulation and the calming qualities will be transferred to your baby’s skin.

    This cream has the same combination of ingredients as the award winning Soothing Calendula Cream,  approved specifically for use on babies and infants,

    Awards include

    2020; Silver Medal  Green Parent Magazine Natural Beauty Bible

    Commended in the Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby Awards

    2018; Finalist in the Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby Awards 2018t

    GOLD from the JaneyLoves Awards in the Mother and Baby Category.


    200ml aluminium jar £32.00   –  our best value cream in the range, to keep at home next to the changing table

    200ml aluminium jar  £ 37.00 – wrapped in a hand made fine lawn and muslin snuggle cloth with sensory ribbons

    35ml paint tube £9.50   –  is designed to go with you in the changing bag.

    As with all creams, especially for young skin, try a small amount to ensure no reaction to any ingredients and do not use more if a reaction is observed.

  • Fab Face Cream – Jasmine and Rose


    This effective face cream contains our combination of natural plant oils, specifically chosen for their moisturising properties, fused with our honey and beeswax, plus jasmine and rose.

    Our creams last well throughout the day, suiting all skin types. Jasmine & Rose is particularly beneficial for mature and drier skin.

    Apply morning and night, and whenever else you want to.

    Jasmine is a great skin tonic, increases elasticity and can help with scarring.

    Rose stimulates, moisturises and hydrates – particularly beneficial to dry or mature skin. Rose oil helps to reduce redness, fixes broken capillaries on the skin and all in all a fabulous general skin tonic

    This cream received a commendation in the FreeFrom Skin Care 2014 Awards ‘Ladies Face Leave On’ class

    Who doesn’t love a little extra help, especially when it smells this good?

    60ml glass jar £ 22.00

    35ml tube £ 12.00

    Gift? If you would like this gift wrapping in a hand made cotton bag, ribbon and gift tag then choose the ‘gift wrapping’ option below for a nominal £ 1:00 charge.


  • Soft Foot Intensive Cream Lavender, Jasmine & Tea Tree


    This intensive and luxurious foot cream really hits the spot for weary feet with the combination of essential oils and the addition of 10% urea. It is absorbed easily, leaving your feet feeling supple and pampered. The honey and beeswax ensure that even the weariest feet are revitalised in seconds.

    We were asked to make this by a podiatrist who had tried our Silky Hand Cream and realised its effect but she stressed that any good foot cream must have the urea content. It took a year to find a supplier and we were given the thumbs up – it really does work!

    We chose the essential oil combination carefully and this cream has a gently floral aroma with a hint of the medicinal tea tree oil.

    Jasmine tones the skin, increases elasticity and is often used to reduce scarring. Lavender has a soothing and calming effect and also relieves muscular and rheumatic aches and pains. Tea tree oil is a powerful stimulant is anti bacterial and anti fungal so perfect for our hard working feet. Urea not only softens all that hard skin but is also good for chilblains too.

    Award winning! Hoorah! FreeFrom SkinCare Awards 2016, Bronze listing in ‘hand nails and foot’ category, we are delighted to receive this award as even just being accepted for consideration confirms our FreeFrom ethos.

    We make this in two sizes

    120ml glass jar £21.00 – easy to use at home. Recyclable and we can reuse the glass jars if returned to us.

    35ml paint tube £8.50 – a portable size for gym bags, handbags, briefcases

    See link to our ‘Essentials Travel Bag‘; a cotton handmade bag containing a 35ml tube of Soft Foot Intensive Cream, 35ml Fab Face Cream and 35ml Silky Hand Cream.

  • Silky Hand Cream – Geranium & Orange – Uplifting Energisising and Rebalancing



    Winner of the best hand cream from Natural Health Magazine International Beauty Awards 2018 – competing with some famous and well established brands such as Liz Earle and Tropic Skincare – how delighted are we?

    ‘the holy grail of hand creams – it feels nourishing without leaving a greasy residue. It sinks in quickly, soothes and keeps hands hydrated for a long time’ – they omitted to say how gorgeous it smells too!

    This luxurious, multi award winning, geranium and orange scented hand cream is absorbed easily, leaving your hands feeling supple and pampered. The honey and beeswax, combined with plant oils ensure that even the weariest hands are revitalised in seconds.

    Geranium energises, helps relieve stress, anxiety and tension and balances hormones.


    Sweet Orange is a sunny and radiant oil, which is hardly surprising as research has shown that it has great mood enhancing properties.

    It doesn’t surprise us that with such a dynamic and uplifting combination of oils this is one of our most popular combinations.

    It’s a truly effective cream which nourishes, moisturises and protects too.

    Make this your hands’ best friend. Keep it in your bag, your car, your office, your garden shed, your cockpit, wherever you like to be keep some of this nearby.

    120ml glass jar £ 20.00

    35ml tube £ 8.00

    We also offer a multibuy

    3 of our 35ml tubes for £22.00

    Gift wrapping? If you would like this gift wrapping in a hand made cotton bag, ribbon and gift tag then choose the size with ‘gift wrapping’ option for a nominal £ 1:00 charge


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